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Fiat Ecu Scan 3.6.2 Crack 14




In addition to the standard vehicle diagnostics functions, the software allows diagnosis and repair of  and electronic control units (ECUs). It also allows the user to create various sets of parameters. You can create a set of parameters and assign it to a vehicle, making it available for all vehicles of this model. Each set of parameters is a unique table. Each table contains parameters specific to the vehicle and its configuration (depending on ). For example, a set of parameters related to vehicle controls allows you to define  and brakes status. You can also define a set of parameters related to internal infrastructure. This can be something like wipers status or defog status.  To configure the set of parameters, you create a new record in a special table called [Vehicle].[Parameters].[Att] by selecting one or more parameters (via the field on the screen). This adds a new record to the [Vehicle].[Parameters].[Att] table. Each parameter has screens ([_s]) where you can select from one of three scenarios ( , , ). In the screens the set of parameters related to internal infrastructure can be configured. Using [Vehicle].[Parameters].[Att], [Vehicle].[Parameters].[Att] data can be used to define the initial values of the parameters for the vehicle. This data also can be used to define and retrieve set of parameters for a vehicle (for example, sets of parameters for all vehicles of a model or a specific vehicle), which can be used for recovery the vehicle to its manufacturer default values. FiatEcuScan records also a number of faults from the vehicle’s diagnostic history. You can also define a diagnostic task to be performed on each fault. The diagnostic tasks can be performed on multiple faults at a time via



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Fiat Ecu Scan 3.6.2 Crack 14
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